Reprography and printing


Self-service photocopying machines are available in all libraries for the reproduction of documents. For their use, cards can be purchased at the reprographic services on all campuses.


All users are subject to strict compliance with current Spanish legislation on Intellectual Property and Copyright. In essence, this right limits copying to personal and research use only and to a number of pages that may not exceed one journal article or 10% of a book, equivalent to one chapter.

Instructions for use of Xerox copier

Remote printing:

In the Orihuela-EPSO and Elche Libraries a remote printing system has been implemented in the self-service photocopiers, with the same conditions of use and price as photocopies.

Remote printing instructions

Photocopies of journal articles (Intercampus Loan):

Through the Intercampus Loan service you can request copies of journal articles from publications held in other UMH libraries.

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