Application for journals and databases

Procedure for requesting Institutional Subscriptions to Journals and Databases by Departments, University Institutes and Research Centres:

The Director of the Department, University Institute or Research Centre sends a report to the Vice-Rector for Research outlining the need for a subscription to the product.

This report will be sent to the Library for evaluation, where several items will be taken into account (price, interest, users, etc.). In the event that the Library issues a positive report for the subscription:

  • The Library will request a budget for the resource that will be sent to the requesting Department.
  • The first year of the new subscription, the requesting department will have to assume 100% of the financing, if the budgets and renewals of the UMH journals of the current year have been closed.
  • After one year, the Library will assess its renewal according to the use of the product, so that if its use has been positive, the Library will incorporate it to the rest of the subscribed products and it will be co-financed by the Vice-rectorate for Research.