Reading club

The Reading Club is a new service created by the Library and the Culture Service of the UMH where a group of people will meet periodically to comment on a book they have previously read, alternating readings and meetings in Valencian and Spanish.

At the meetings they will talk and comment on the book they have read and the impact it has had on the reader: theme, style, action, characters and, of course, feelings or reflections evoked by the text. 


  • To encourage the reading habit.
  • To be a meeting point to share the reading experience among its members.
  • To read books unknown to the reader.
  • To ensure interesting readings.
  • To learn to read better.
  • To motivate reading.
  • To provide different readings of the same book.
  • To meet like-minded people.


The main objective of the book club is not the exhaustive analysis of the literary work but to increase the pleasure of reading by sharing it with others. In addition, the aim is to:

  • To enhance the act of reading by uniting the private and intimate dimension with the public dimension that involves listening to, discussing and comparing other sensibilities and points of view.
  • To serve as a support and stimulus for reading a variety of works and authors, representative of different artistic and intellectual trends, both classical and contemporary.
  • To share what they read with people of different educational levels, different ages, different aesthetic and life positions, etc.
  • To understand the literary work in the context of its creation, i.e. to know what the author, the editor, the literary critic, etc. think of it.


In order to participate in a book club, the following guidelines or recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Do not read aloud at meetings.
  • It is not obligatory to take part in reading discussions.
  • It is not necessary for each reader to purchase the book, as the University will purchase the works through the library and culture service.
  • There is no fee to belong to the reading club.
  • You can attend the meetings even if you haven’t had time to read the book.
  • It is not compulsory to attend all the monthly sessions.
  • Complementary activities can be carried out alternatively.

Places offered:

There are 25 places available, 80% of which are for university students and the remaining 20% for people from outside the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.


* 28 de mayo  17:30h “Materials de construcció“.

* 25 de junio  17:30h “Un océano para llegar a ti“.

Time and place of the reading club:

We will meet on the last Tuesday of each month at the UMH Library located in the Altabix Building at 17:30 h, alternating books and readings in Valencian and Spanish.

How to access the book on loan:

You can reserve your copy of the book club through the UMH Libraries catalogue at the following link, after identifying yourself with your UMH ID.

How to sign up:

Simply send us an email to , with your details, name, surname and surname and showing your interest in participating.