Extended card users / solidarity card

Starting this month in January, users with extensive and solid card profiles will be discharged from the services they will be using, in our case book lending, and then they will have to go to CGCAS or Banco Santander in the Case of the Campus of Elche, to collect their extensive card, for information … until now they were registered in the university extension service. Procedure that we will have to follow when a user wants to make use of the library and wants to belong to one of these two groups:

Enroll users, T. Extensa:

 1.Inform the requisites that gave complir, and presentation of the documentation that you need to abans to donate them.


  • To present us a rebat pagat of 30 € that can be downloaded from l’aplicació http://universite.umh.es/recibos Tipus: Altres serveis, *Subtype: Extensive spreadsheet.
  • Photocopy of DNI

Photocopy of the documentation that accredits your pertinence to col·lectius:
                  -Budgets and fills of PDI / PAS      

          -Pupils and fills of pupils with a teaching unit of more than 20 crèdits           

  -Còjjums i fills of members of the Consell Social

                  -Alumni umh

                  -Personnel of the companies contracted by the umh that render serveis in the instal.lacions

                  -Secondary teacher

                  -Tutors from the companies that hagen signat convenis amb   UMH

                  -Personal d’Ajuntaments and public enterprises of the four campuses

                 -Tècnics i representants d’deporcion deportivas links to the xarxa d’entitats esportives

                 -People who collaborate disinterestedly in the different activitats of  UMH

2. Register in the INTEGRATION platform, steps in attachment.

   3.We will inform you that you must pass through the CGCAS or Banco Santander Elche Campus case to pick up the card. No need to give them any shelter.

Enroll users, T. Solidaria:

  1. Inform the requirements that must comply, and submit the documentation that is required before discharging


  • Receipt paid € 3 that can be downloaded from the application http://universite.umh.es/recibos Type: Other services, Subtype: Solidarity card
  • Photocopy of DNI
  • Photocopy of the documentation that accredits your membership of the groups:
    • Unemployed people
    • Pensioners with minimum benefits. 60 years or more, pensioners for retirement, permanent disability or widowhood
    • People belonging to NGOs or other solidarity groups
    • Other people who carry out other relevant social or collective activities that are vulnerable from the socio-economic point of view. The Social Council will resolve the requests for inclusion in this section that are submitted to it.

2.Register in the INTEGRATION platform, steps in attachment

3.The interested party is advised that it is not necessary to issue a card. Each of the services involved must check, which is valid in the INTEGRATION application, with the “solidarity” function and collate with your DNI


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