Access by Plataforms

The Miguel Hernández University Library offers the university community a series of electronic resources in the form of databases, ebooks and electronic journals for study and research. For more information about access you can consult the following document


ABI Inform. Economics, Finance, Business, Marketing, Accounting and related fields. AENORmás. Platform for access to the full text of the UNE standards collection.
Agricultural & Environmental Science Collection. Agriculture, food, nutrition and related industries. ACS Publications. Publications in chemistry and related sciences such as physics, biology, technology.
Annual Reviews. 31 titles in three Series, Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences. Aranzadi Instituciones. Legislation, jurisprudence and legal bibliography. To exit use the EXIT command.
Cuadernos de Pedagogía. Web with access to the journal, book collection, EDUCALEX database. Embase. Bibliographic database of Biomedicine with more than 8,500 international journals.
Emerald Insight. Multidisciplinary, focusing on marketing, business management and engineering. ERIC. Database on subjects related to training, teaching and education.
Faculty Opinions. Identification and evaluation of articles on international biological literature. ÍnDICEs CSIC. Multidisciplinary. It collects research articles from Spanish scientific journals.
IBSSciences. Resource for interdisciplinary and social science research. IEEE Xplore. Electrical engineering, computer science and electronics papers.
ISSN Portal. Database with references to more than 1,000,000 periodicals. JAMA Network. Includes JAMA and three Archives Journals, Internal Medicine, Ophthamology y Psychiatric.
JCR. Statistical tool for evaluation of the impact factor of journals and publications. JoVE. Multidisciplinary with access to educational journals and videos.
LaLeyDigital. Integrated online legal information system updated in real time. MATHSCINET. American Mathematical Society database.
MEDLINE. Literature related to medicine, health care, biological and physical sciences. NEO Lefebvre. Legal platform with books from Lefebvre, Dykinson, Reus and Marcial Pons.
Oxford Academic. Publications in Economics and Business Administration and other related subjects. PTSDpubs. Information about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Formerly known as PILOTS.
ProQuest Central. Multidisciplinary, journals of Anthropology, Economics, Business Administration, Education, Pharmacy, Health. Psicodoc. Psychology database that collects references with links to full texts.
PsycARTICLE. Scientific and scholarly articles from the American Psychological Association (APA). PsycINFO. Abstracts of articles, books and dissertations on behavioral sciences and mental health.
PubMed. Citations, books and biomedical journals.  Citations may include links to the full text. SABI. Search, analysis and comparison tool between companies.
Science Direct. Multidisciplinary. It contains more than 25% of the world's scientific production. SciFinder-n.CAS databases.  Includes PatentPak with relevant patent chemistry.
Scopus. Multidisciplinary. Psychology, Engineering, Life and Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics. SPORTDiscus. Database of physical education, sports medicine, nutrition and related areas.
Social Services Abstracts. Abstracts of journal articles and doctoral theses related to social work. Sociological Abstracts. It contains bibliographical references and indexes of journal articles, books, Sociology.
Springer. Multidisciplinary. More than 30,000 publications grouped thematically in collections. Tirant Prime. Legal database of Editorial Tirant. Doctrine, forms, jurisprudence, legal text, bibliography.
Ulrichs. Description, subject matter and information on some 230,000 titles with links to content. UpToDate. Clinical decision support resource based on medical evidence
Vlex. Jurisprudence, Legislation, Books, Magazines, Contracts and more in all areas of law. Web of Science. Collection of databases from all disciplines of knowledge.
Wiley Online Library. 1400 titles of multidisciplinary electronic journals. Wolters Kluwer. Magazines published by Wolters Kluwer, covering legal and business matters.

Open access databases

Badali. Food database, created at UMH, complemented by a nutrition website. Cendoc Bogani.  Documentation on Drug Dependence and other Addictive Disorders.
Biblioteca Cochrane. Database of reviews from clinical trials. Cordis. Community Research and Development Information Service.
Cuidatge. Bibliographic references in nursing. Cuiden. Bibliographic database of the Index Foundation, includes scientific production on health care.
Dialnet.Multidisciplinary portal with special coverage of humanities and social sciences. Diccionarios. Specialised dictionaries and glossaries in several languages.
ENFISPO. Nursing, physiotherapy and podiatry platform. ETDE. International Energy Agency database.
Europa. European Union portal. F1000 Posters. Biology and medicine congress posters.
FAO Documentos. Full text documents on agriculture and food. GlosAlim. Glossary of terms used in EU food law.
MEDES. Bibliographic references from Spanish medical and pharmaceutical journals. Recolecta. Rebiun and FECyT initiative for open access publication of research papers.


Biblioteca Online ENI. Online library specialized in computer books. Book Series. Life Sciences + Psichology. ScienceDirect Encyclopedias.
ClinicalKey Student. Interactive platform with access to books, images and videos. Complete Anatomy. The world's most advanced 3D anatomy platform.
DTM. Dictionary of Medical Terms of the Royal National Academy of Medicine. eLibro Cátedra España. E-book platform in Spanish with academic texts from leading publishers.
Elsevier ebook Collection. Elsevier e-books based on the EBS model. Elsevier Reference Collection in Food Science. Reference Modules in Food Science.
Eureka. Platform of Editorial Médica Panamericana, specialized in Medicine and Health Sciences.
Biblioteca Virtual Tirant. Specializing in Legal Sciences as well as Social Sciences and Humanities.
Harrison Principios de Medicina Interna. The world's most authoritative and recognized text on internal medicine. Wiley Online Library. E-books written by leading scientists in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.
Nube de Lectura. Platform that allows the consultation and lending of electronic books. Springer e-books. Multidisciplinary portal with access to full-text books.
Ebook Central. Platform with access to books and current documents in Spanish and English.
ingebook. Multidisciplinary online platform for streaming books.


Revistas-e UMH. List of all the journals subscribed by the UMH, sorted by subject.