BUVAL loan

On May 11, 2021, the rectors of the five Valencian public universities signed an agreement for the constitution of the consortium of the five Valencian institutional libraries, called “BUVAL”. This consortium allows the sharing of bibliographic funds, training, resources and services. The BUVAL loan makes the bibliographic collections of the five universities available to the Research Teaching Staff and the Administration and Services Staff.

Condictions and Procedure


  1. The PDI and PAS of the Valencian public universities (UV, UPV, UA, UJI and UMH) who have previously requested registration in the service through the forms of their respective universities may use this service free of charge. Form UMH BUVAL. Form UMH BUVAL
  2. The number of works that can be loaned and the deadlines at the UMH are as follows:


  1. Once the applicant has registered through the form of their respective university, they will receive an email confirming their registration.
  2. From that moment on, you can go in person and with prior identification to any of the five public universities of the Valencian consortium to make use of this service.
  3. Before the visit, it´s recommended to consult the specific conditions of the service and the catalogues, as well as the items excluded from loans and the opening hours of each library.
  4. During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, in order to use the BUVAL loan service, first contact the library that has the document you wish to take.

Contact forms:

-UV: Contact the library that interests you by La Biblioteca Responde

-UPV: Apply for cita previa

-UA: Form of  solicitud de préstamo

-UJI: Send an email to documentacio@uji.es

-UMH: Contact the library that interests you

5. Users of this service can perform a global search in all the BUVAL consortium catalogs, which will be accessible in the drop-down menu of the catalog search engine of each of the 5 universities. Exceptionally and temporarily, in the case of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the records cannot be retrieved by this means, they may do so through its catalogue.

6.The person agrees to repay the loans within the indicated period and at the borrowing university.

7.To renew the loans, you must enter the user file of the university to which you belong (UJI, UMH, UPV or UV), where the active loans in any of the BUVAL libraries will appear.

You can access the catalogs of the five Valencian universities by clicking on: