Intercampus loan

The lending service of the Miguel Hernández University Library is complemented by a lending service between the different campi, open to members of the University Community, with two variants:

Book lending between the different libraries

It ensures our users the loan and return of bibliographic and documentary collections belonging to the UMH regardless of the location of the document and the user, from any of the library service points. This loan cannot be effective immediately, as it will be subject to the transport of the documents between the two centres.

To use this service, it will be sufficient to request it at any of the library counters, indicating the work required with the reference (reference number) from the catalogue. This loan is subject to the same regulations as the normal loan, which are included as an appendix to the Library Regulations, expressly excluding titles that are available in the centre where the request is made. 

Journal articles not available in electronic format

Through this service, members of the University Community can request copies of journal articles located in any UMH Library, without the need to travel, with the exception of those journals that have electronic access or are in paper format in their own Campus library.

Intercampus loan requests will be made by sending an e-mail to the library where the item of interest to the user is located. 

You must remember that:

  • They can only request copies of journal articles that are not in the Library to which the user belongs.
  • Materials obtained through this Service may only be used for private, teaching or research use.
  • Reproduction and use of reproductions will be in accordance with current intellectual property legislation and international agreements.

These two services are free of charge for all UMH users, and should not be confused with the interlibrary loan service, which allows us to access books and documents from other libraries around the world.

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