UMH Library is entrusted with the management of the holdings, regardless of their support, and development of collections, according to the lines of study, teaching and research that maintains the university. It counts with a collection characterized by its diversity, accessibility and adaptation to the needs of the university community, which participates directly in their formation.

To ensure broad access to the collection, has chosen to give preference to electronic online resources, especially with regards to journals and serials, but without neglecting the collection on paper, counting today with a collection 170,000 monographs, of which one third are electronic books, over 8,500 titles of magazines received also allowing online access to some 25,000 titles.

Our users involved the creation of this collection through the acquisition procedure recommended bibliography, the acquisition of specific background work and research and desiderata, acquisition or purchase requests.

If you want to access the collection, the preferred route of knowledge of it is the library catalog or OPAC, although in special cases the search can be performed by specific catalogs, such as:

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