RediUMH digital repository

Dear user we inform you that since 28 October 2021 our RediUMH repository has been updated to the latest version of dspace 6.3.


RediUMH is a digital repository of documents whose purpose is to collect, organise, disseminate and preserve digital documents of a scientific, teaching and institutional nature produced by our university.

Theses, final degree projects, teaching objects, articles and other research results, deposited by the University Community, are already deposited there. Thus, it will be possible to access from it all kinds of digital materials, both preprints and papers and postprints, communications to conferences, teaching materials and objects, journals published by the UMH and other institutional documentation generated by the same.

With this we increase the visibility of the works produced at UMH, increasing their impact and ensuring their protection against plagiarism, as well as their preservation. Thanks to the use of international protocols and the dSpace manager, RediUMH is being collected by tools such as Recolecta, Google and other similar tools.

Advice on Open Access, RediUMH and Intellectual Property: