Databases (free access)

 Name                                                                                                           Description

BADALI   Food database developed at the UMH, complented with a Nutrition website
Cendocbogani   Documentation Center on Drug Addiction and other Addictive Disorders “Dr. Emilio Bogani Miquel”
Cochrane library plus en español   It´s a database whose purpose is to prepare systematic reviews based on controlled clinical trials, as well as reviews of the most reliable evidence
Cordis   Servicio de Información Comunitario sobre Investigación y Desarrollo
Cuidatge   Bibliographic references in nursing
Cuiden   Bibliographic database of the Index Foundation that includes scientific production on health care in the Ibero-American scientific space
DialNet   Multudisciplinay resource portal in Spanish, with special coverage in the humanities and social sciences
Diccionarios especializados y glosarios   Diccionarios especializados y glosarios en varios idiomas
ENfispo, ENfermería, FISioterapia y POdología  
ETDE (Energy Technology Data Exchange)   Database of the International Energy Agency
Europa   Portal of the European Union
F1000 Posters   Biology and medicine conference posters
FAO:Documentos   Full text documents of agriculture and food
Glosario de términos utilizados en Derecho alimentario de la UE  
MEDES=Medicina es español   Bibliographical references published in a selection of Spanish medicine and pharmacy journals
MediBooks   Spanish medical bibliography search engine
PUBMED   Comprise more than 24 million citations to the biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life sciences journal and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central publisher websites
Recolecta   Joint initiative of Rebiun and FECyT whose objective is to promote the open access publication of the research work carried out in the different Spanish academic institutions, facilitating its use and visibility while providing tools that facilitate the development of open access content
Sietes   Essential Information System in Therapeutics and Health
TESEO   Spanish doctoral theses
Viticulture and enology abstracts   International database on viticultures, oenology and related fields