Electronic editorial

Miguel Hernández University makes available to the University Community (teachers) the possibility of publishing books that reflect the teaching and research activity of the same, contributing to the dissemination of the knowledge generated within it.

The Electronic Editorial of the UMH is coordinated among several services to which it can be directed for any doubt or question through editorial@umh.es:

LIBRARY coordinates requests, documentation to be submitted, brief original report of the work, submission for evaluation to the Intellectual Property Commission of the UMH, allocation and ISBN registrations; SIATDI coordinates and performs the entire layout process, uploads to the sales platforms and assigns financial aid to the authors (plan publishes); OTRI summons and elevates to the commission of intellectual property the books to value, protection of results.

More information of interest:

-Innovation + 2015 Call, EDIT 2015

Normative on the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights of the Miguel Hernández University.


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