Library Commission

The Library Commission is the collegiate body of consultative character by which the University Community participates in the planning, development and management of the Library of the University.

Is composed of:

  • The Rector or Vice-Rector whom he delegates, who presides over it.
  • The Manager of the University.
  • The Department Directors, who may delegate to the Deputy Directors of the Department.
  • The Directors of the University Institute, who may delegate to the Deputy Directors of the Institute.
  • The Delegate General of Students.
  • A representative of the personnel of administration and services, chosen by the Personnel Board of Administration and Services.
  • The Director of the Library.
  • A Secretary, elected by the Director of the Library from among its deputy directors.

Its operation and powers are regulated by Annex I to the Library Regulations, called the Internal Regulations of the Library Commission.

Proceedings of the Library Committee.

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